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Apart from all the main services you expect from an accountant we also work with you proactively to ensure you are maximising tax savings, as well as making sure your tax planning is always under control (because no one likes a nasty shock at the end of the year).

We also review the way you are running your business and provide business advice around how you might be able to make things a little more efficient, create additional revenue streams, reduce costs etc. Basically, make your business more profitable.

We can help with the administrative side of things by using tools like QuickBooks Online to provide an easy record keeping solution and give you access to live figures for your business, ensuring you always have the latest information to hand.

And the best thing about all these ‘additional’ services…they’re free!!! This advice is all considered part of the service at Cloud Concepts Accounting – we don’t think these are additional services that should be charged for, we think these should be provided as standard!

See below an outline of our main services which we can give you a

no obligation consultation or quote for each.

Company Accounts

Company accounts can be complex and confusing. Let us do the heavy lifting & get these prepared for you & filed in all the right places.

Sole Trade Accounts

Get your sole trade accounts prepared & complete your tax return with a minimum of fuss or hassle.

Tax Returns

Rental income, dividends, capital gains, higher income, company director... we've got you covered.


Your time is too valuable to spend it on a non-value adding task like bookkeeping - why not have a professional take the burden away for you?

Payroll & Pensions

Every company needs a payroll & pension scheme. With statutory rules and filing deadlines to adhere to, why not leave it to the professionals.

CIS Returns

Operating in the construction industry comes with enough administrative headaches - don't let your CIS return be one of them.

VAT Returns

VAT can be a minefield - let us take the pain out of the process and prepare and submit your VAT returns for you.

QuickBooks Support

We can help you out with all aspects of QuickBooks, from initial setup and training to ongoing support & guidance

Business Start-ups

Getting good advice & support from the start is essential when first setting up a new business. Let us help give your business the right foundations to hit the ground running.

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